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Bottle Feeding Calves

Updated: May 16, 2022

Having to bottle feed a baby animal can be very intimidating and difficult at first, but with time and patience it will become easier and fun.

Bottle feeding has become a thing that happens quite often on our family's ranch as each year you may have twins born or a mother who is young and doesn't understand how to raise a calf.

When these occur, we come in and try to take the calf and mother it up to another cow who has lost her calf recently. If this doesn't work then we end up having to bottle feed the calf until they are old enough to go into the feedlot with other yearlings or until we are able to sell them at an auction.

When you are bottle feeding an animal, there are several different products you will need to have on hand. You will need some colostrum for when they are first born, milk replacer to feed them until they are old enough to go onto feed, bottle and a pail to feed the calves the milk.

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