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How to Balance a Ration

In order to make sure your cattle are receiving the proper nutrients you need to balance a proper ration in regards to their age and what you are hoping your cattle to gain.

When it comes to formulating rations we first need to determine what gender and age of the cattle and where they are going in their future. Once we determine this we are able to properly formulate whether our cattle need more roughage, grain, or supplements.

An excellent resource to use to help you properly formulate how much of each nutrient you need in your ration is to use Cowbytes. Cowbytes can hep you figure out exactly how much you need of every nutrient based upon the gender, age, rate of gain, and whether you are giving your cattle ionophores or not.

Another way to balance a ration is to find a nutritionist who could help you to formulate your ration.

Formulating rations can be difficult at first, but with practice you will be able to do this step very quickly and balance your rations with ease.

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