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Processing Cattle

Cattle processing is a process that is very structured and fast-paced.

Every operation will have a different system that they use to process their cattle, but I am going to explain how we run out chute.

We have a loading runway where cattle liners can come and unload their cattle for us to process. From there, we will take the cattle and load them into the "tub". The tub is an open area in the very back of the runway where all of the cattle can be easily moved when need be. After that, we will start to push the cattle into the runway that leads up to the chute. We have handlers all throughout the runway who help push the cattle up to the chute. Once the cattle are near the chute we have an operator who will open the back end for the cattle to move in. We will push the cattle up to head gate where they will get all of their vaccinations, brandings, implants, and tags. After we have performed everything that needs to be done to that specific animal that is in the chute we let them run into an open pen while we finish up the rest of the group. Once we finish we put the cattle all back into their pen.

This process works very seamlessly in our operation and we are very efficient at time management with processing.

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